International company relocation


The relocation of your business requires good planning, with respect to the allocation of staff with the required skills, the use of the appropriate handling and packaging materials in addition to ensuring excellent time management.

Customs clearance procedures can also become a headache and cause unnecessary expense if not planned carefully.

At Duperrex International, we have the experience and resources required to manage the international relocation of your business in a professional manner. Whether you have a small business or are a large group with production plants. Whether it’s a relocation that requires just a few days or needs to be carefully planned over months to ensure minimum interference with the day to day running of your company. We have the expertise required to ensure that you are only left with good memories of this major event in the life of your company.

Our sales team will spend the time to understand your needs and will provide you with a proposal adapted to your specific logistics requirements. Our offers are free and we guarantee there will be no unpleasant surprises allowing you to easily manage your budget. Your contact will answer any questions you may have, from the very first visit until you have resumed your activities in your new premises.


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